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Send Your Aging Lamborghini to Polo Storico for Authentic Restoration

Polo Storico is the best place to send historical Lamborghini models that have been out of production for some time. When an elderly Lamborghini needs a full refurbishment, its ideal circumstance will be a visit to its original birthplace, where it can enjoy rejuvenation at the hands of its creator.

We're happy to see that Lamborghini has made the Polo Storico facility a priority, to archive and record Lamborghini's rich history. The site serves as a resource for all of the details that may have otherwise been lost to history. If Polo Storico doesn't have a part it needs to restore an older Lamborghini, it can manufacture the part from the original design plans.

Polo Storico can also grant certificates of authenticity to owners of classic Lamborghinis. If you've gotten a certificate from a third party, you ought to have Polo Storico verify it for bulletproof acknowledgement.

We would be happy to help with arrangements if your classic Lamborghini is in need of refreshment or certification. Please call, email, or stop by to inquire.

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