Lamborghini Unica: The Lamborghini Customer App


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Launching Lamborghini ownership into the modern era, Lamborghini, in partnership with Salesforce, released Lamborghini Unica for customers across the globe during the Dreamforce 2018 event. Evolving Lamborghini ownership to provide maximal convenience and connectivity in the digital age, Lamborghini Unica offers a variety of features exclusively available for registered Lamborghini customers. Offering a personalized, interactive customer service experience closely reflecting the values of the Sant’Agata Bolognese company, Automobili Lamborghini and the globally recognized leader in customer relationship management, Salesforce, proudly unveil the latest in Lamborghini ownership: Lamborghini Unica.

Various Features

Lamborghini owners who download the Lamborghini Unica smartphone application will receive access to their own vehicle's various integrated features, alongside an exclusive look into the Lamborghini lifestyle via real-time access to pictures documenting the production of the Lamborghini Urus, specialty Lamborghini models' production, and VIP access to new vehicle releases prior to their official unveiling. Additionally revealing Lamborghini events and embodying the Italian culture intrinsic to the Lamborghini brand, Lamborghini Unica provides owners with an exclusive opportunity to heighten their ownership experience through the addition of modern technology.

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