Deciphering "The Super SUV": The Lamborghini Urus


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The unveiling of Lamborghini's SUV, the 2019 Urus, sent shockwaves throughout the automotive industry with its brawny design, innovative powertrain and unprecedented luxury. Unmistakably Lamborghini in its design, the Urus' meticulously crafted exterior and ergonomically designed interior surpass comparable models with impeccable poise. Surging down narrow city streets and off-road terrain, Lamborghini conjoins its rich history of super sports performance and military SUV design, culminating in the advanced, innovative and unprecedented Urus.

Lamborghini - A History of Innovation

While the Urus stands poised to redefine the global SUV market with its massive power specifications and rich performance heritage, Lamborghini harkens back to its lesser-known heritage producing powerful yet capable utility vehicles for the military. Originally proving their capabilities with the advent of the Lamborghini Cheetah prototype in 1977, followed by the Lamborghini LM002 in 1986, subsequent iterations of a Lamborghini-designed SUV continually asserted Lamborghini's commitment to innovation and performance versatility, resulting in the pinnacle of Lamborghini-designed performance SUVs: the Urus.

Deciphering The Specifications

The 2019 Urus forgoes the mainstay of Lamborghini performance (the iconic naturally-aspirated V10 found on the Gallardo and early iteration of the Urus) in favor of a new V8 bi-turbo engine with a massive maximum power output of 650 horsepower. Equipped with an eight-gear automatic transmission and permanent four-wheel drive system with active torque vectoring, the 2019 Urus outstrips comparable performance SUVs with effortless confidence, rivaling countless performance coupes and sedans with its exhilarating capabilities. Further equipped with a safety and driver assistance program, in conjunction with the ANIMA Selector for driver-selected modes for optimized performance in a variety of terrains and situations, the Urus comes fitted with the latest in Lamborghini innovation - exceeding expectations of even the most exacting Lamborghini enthusiast.

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