The Lamborghini SVJ Roadster: Redefining Performance

The newly released Lamborghini SVJ stands apart from the Lamborghini lineup as a uniquely powerful, performance-focused model imbued with the latest in Lamborghini engineering and design. Recently amended with a limited-edition option, the SVJ Roadster, aspiring Lamborghini owners seeking the utmost in performance, design and exclusivity will find the SVJ Roadster uniquely capable of providing an incomparable experience. Open-air and limited in availability, this 800-unit model boasts an unmistakable style sought-after by any automotive enthusiast or Lamborghini collector. Customizable, impressively powerful and undeniably stylish, the Lamborghini SVJ Roadster surges ahead of the Lamborghini lineup as the pinnacle of modern design and unrelenting performance.

The Lamborghini SVJ Roadster: Discover Automotive Perfection

Equipped with Lamborghini's patented Aerodinamica Lamborghini Attiva 2.0 system to help keep the 760-horsepower, naturally-aspirated V12-powered roadster firmly planted against the pavement. Launching to 62 miles per hour from a standstill in just 2.9 seconds, this race-ready supercar utilizes the latest in advanced engineering both inside and out to maintain its composure. Boasting a unique four-wheel steering system for improved cornering, a magneto-rheological suspension system that corresponds with real-time road condition inputs and driver-selected modes and more, the SVJ Roadster confidently incorporates next-generation performance technology. Inside, carbon fiber, Alcantara® and leather adorn bold, angular body lines and ergonomically bolstered seats for an unmistakably eminent driving experience.

Lamborghini Dallas: Find Your Next Lamborghini

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