Lamborghini is no stranger to collaboration. Today, Lamborghini has teamed up with talented artist Skyler Grey to create a true work of art. Demonstrating both creativity and innovation.

The Car Dreams Are Made Of

Lamborghini vehicles are often considered some of the most well-designed vehicles on the road. Every line is sculpted with purpose and passion. Making these supercars unique and eye-catching. Recently, Lamborghini partnered with famed street artist, Skyler Grey, to develop a customer Lamborghini Aventador S that is simply jaw-dropping.

In the documentary featured on Lamborghini’s website, you can see the amount of work and talent that went into creating this piece of art. From striking orange coloring to detailed graphics, the Lamborghini Aventador S is a first of its kind. Looking at it evokes emotion that only a Lamborghini could. Which is why our team is extremely excited to show this project to our area drivers.

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