The Lamborghini Egoista is the Ultimate Supercar

If you’re like us, you are constantly impressed by what Lamborghini has to offer. From a luxurious experience to thrilling drive, Lamborghini is constantly defining what it means to be a supercar. With the introduction of the Lamborghini Egoista in 2013, Lamborghini continued to push the limits of innovation.

Lamborghini is Pushing the Automotive Limits

The Lamborghini Egoista was introduced in 2013 to mark the 50th year of Lamborghini. Designed by Walter De Silvia, it boasts a V10 engine and striking design. While the car was never intended to go into full production, that doesn’t stop it from being any less impressive. Which is why Lamborghini is showcasing it permanently at their headquarters.

The Lamborghini Egoista set to be featured in the showroom and then go to its permanent home in the Museum. Which shows that this is a car that will be respected and remembered well into the future. Much like many of Lamborghini’s creations. If you’re interested in learning more about the Lamborghini Egoista, be sure to contact the team at our dealership. We’ll be happy to share all of our Lamborghini knowledge with you.

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