The Huracán EVO: The Latest in the Lamborghini V10 Legacy

The culmination of uncompromising design and efficiency, the Huracán EVO combines drivers' desires with the iconic Lamborghini performance and style ethos - resulting in a model developed to seamlessly fit within the modern driver's lifestyle. Imbued with the latest in Lamborghini aerodynamic engineering, technological integration and handling dynamics, the Huracán EVO ushers Lamborghini into a new era of driver-focused design.

HMI: Human-Machine Interface

All-new for the Huracán EVO, the Lamborghini HMI utilizes an 8.4-inch multi-touch capacitive screen - allowing drivers to control everything from entertainment functions to driving dynamics. Adapting to cockpit lights to seamlessly fit within the ambience of your Huracán EVO's interior, and offering a new telemetry system with twin-cameras to improve your driving skills, the new HMI provides drivers with the latest in Lamborghini technological innovation.

LDVI: Lamborghini Integrated Vehicle Dynamics

Engineered as the Huracán EVO's "brain", the new LDVI system coordinates your vehicle's mechanical ecosystem via external and driver inputs to refine your vehicle's handling - delivering an engaging and intuitive driving experience without numbing or diminishing your Huracán EVO's handling. Consistently analyzing your Huracán EVO's performance, the new LDVI system can actually anticipate a driver's upcoming reaction or wishes - a bold departure from comparable driver assistance systems that rely on reaction, into one of anticipation.

The Huracán EVO: Powerful, Stylish and Innovative

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