July 29, 2014 - Texas

In the middle of the hot Texas summer, an unseasonably cool morning welcomed five examples of the latest Lamborghini super sports car from Italy, the Huracán LP 610-4. 

Just seeing the Huracán for the first time is something special. Outside of a handful of exclusive showings, the cars have not appeared in dealer showrooms. U.S. Deliveries are expected to begin in October with more than 1,000 pre-ordered so far. And, it is a beautiful car. As impressive as the car is in pictures, its even more impressive to see in person. The design is an entirely functional, fast-moving technical sculpture, channeling air to cool the engine and increase down pressure in the pursuit of speed, dynamics, and performance.

Seeing it is only the first thrill. The second thrill is when you touch it. The third thrill is listening to the naturally aspirated V10 engine. And, according to the Lamborghini website, the last thrill is the 12.3" TFT dashboard, "beckoning you into an incomparable driving experience."

But that is not the "last thrill." At least, not anymore...

Now, the thrill of driving it has begun.

Lamborghini offered an exclusive "Enhanced Test Drive Experience" on the 1.7 mile road course at Motorsport Ranch in Cresson, Texas. After a briefing on the new Huracán and the track itself, each driver completed five laps following Lamborghini Squadra Corse Instructor Richard Antinucci. 

Participants were urged to use the ANIMA switch to experience the three distinct driving modes: Strada, Sport, and Corsa. Each driving mode changes all aspects of the vehicles systems including the electro-mechanical power steering, electromagnetic damper control, dual clutch transmission (Lamborghini Doppia Frizone - LDF), electronically controlled all-wheel drive system, and mid-mounted naturally aspirated V10 engine.

Rain in the afternoon only seemed fitting for this test drive. Not only is the car named for powerful storms, but it is engineered to drive right through them. Several sessions in the afternoon allowed the Huracán to prove itself on the wet track as drivers were ushered to and from the pit lane with umbrellas. 

Wet or dry, the Lamborghini Huracán is an impressive driving experience and this test drive offered a glimpse into what owners can expect. After a few laps there was no shortage of praise for what the newest Lamborghini offers:
  • Easy to manage and handle, even on the track
  • Throttle response is immediate
  • Power is strong and delivered at any part of the rev range
  • Immediate and smooth gear changes
  • Steering is light and direct

The Huracán is not only a great generational improvement, but an impressive step in the evolution of the V10 Lamborghini. And, the best thing about seeing and driving this all-new Lamborghini: it hasn't lost its Lamborghini soul. 

The Huracán is an advancement in driving with technology and performance improvements that make it smooth and easy to manage; but it still has the character, feel, and style that make it exciting to drive and makes owners passionate for the Lamborghini brand. 

When you look at it... When you hear it... When you drive it... It is distinctly Lamborghini.

Driving the Huracán is still not the last thrill. This is a new icon from Lamborghini, and owning one will bring you a thrill every day. 

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