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Finance Specials and Convenient Online Finance Tools

Lamborghini Dallas strives to get every aspiring Lamborghini owner behind the wheel of their ideal vehicle with the assistance of personalized, flexible financing solutions. Expertly drafted by our team of finance specialists, Lamborghini Dallas' commitment to prospective Lamborghini owners ensures that all Lamborghini shoppers leave our dealership behind the wheel of their ideal model without straining their finances. 

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Parts and Service Specials at Lamborghini Dallas

Throughout your Lamborghini ownership, routine maintenance, service, and possibly repairs or part replacements will arise. Assisting in making your Lamborghini ownership as stress-free and straightforward as possible, Lamborghini Dallas proudly offers an array of service and parts specials to assist in the maintenance and upkeep of your model. 

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Selezione Lamborghini Certified Pre-Owned: Lamborghini-Assured Perfection

New for 2019, Lamborghini has announced the Selezione Lamborghini Certified Pre-Owned program to provide an additional degree of assurance for drivers opting to purchase a pre-owned Lamborghini.

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The Lamborghini SVJ Roadster: Redefining Performance

The newly released Lamborghini SVJ stands apart from the Lamborghini lineup as a uniquely powerful, performance-focused model imbued with the latest in Lamborghini engineering and design. 

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Schedule Your Exotic Auto Repair and Lamborghini Service at Lamborghini Dallas


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Exotic vehicles like Lamborghinis require the utmost in attentive, professional service from experienced technicians trained to work on such intricate engines and components. At Lamborghini Dallas, our uniquely qualified service technicians ensure your vehicle remains in optimal condition throughout its lifetime - performing a variety of tasks ranging from simplistic and routine to in-depth and intensive. 

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Lamborghini Dallas: America's Top-Rated Lamborghini Dealership For Eight Years!


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Since day one, Lamborghini Dallas has strived to provide Dallas and the entirety of Texas with exemplary service and an extensive, comprehensive selection of sought-after new and used Lamborghini models for aspiring owners. 

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Personalized Financing Solutions at Lamborghini Dallas

Shopping for your next supercar can be a daunting prospect - even for automotive enthusiasts already acquainted with Lamborghini ownership. Luckily, for drivers looking to lease their next Lamborghini, or to purchase their Lamborghini with a personalized financing solution, Lamborghini Dallas's team of expert financing professionals tirelessly crunch the numbers to ensure prospective Lamborghini owners receive precisely the financing solution they desire, without compromise.


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The Huracán EVO: The Latest in the Lamborghini V10 Legacy

The culmination of uncompromising design and efficiency, the Huracán EVO combines drivers' desires with the iconic Lamborghini performance and style ethos - resulting in a model developed to seamlessly fit within the modern driver's lifestyle. Imbued with the latest in Lamborghini aerodynamic engineering, technological integration and handling dynamics, the Huracán EVO ushers Lamborghini into a new era of driver-focused design.


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The Iconic Naturally-Aspirated V12: Lamborghini's Flagship Engine

The flagship powerplant of Lamborghini, the naturally-aspirated V12 engine conceptualized in the early 1960s by Lamborghini engineers continues to define the brand and its models to this day. With numerous iterations produced with varying displacements, the V12 layout utilized by Lamborghini delivers the best of both old-school high-displacement, multi-cylinder brawn, and modern innovations in fuel management and engine systems technology.


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Lamborghini History: The Legendary Lamborghini Miura

Mid-engine supercars pervade the performance segment due to their inherently balanced weight distribution and exhilarating handling dynamics - the Lamborghini Miura introduced the world to this now-iconic layout and spawned the ensuing automotive trend that continues to this day. While other models utilized the mid-engine layout, no other manufacturer was producing a mid-engined supercar that was strictly designed for usage on the road and not a racetrack. 

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