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Take A Sneak Peek of Lamborghini's Global Headquarters

​Lamborghini global headquarters is located in Sant'Agata, Bolognese, Italy about two hours outside of Milan. Set against a bucolic pastoral backdrop, this location is where the magic happens for Lamborghini – and it has been that way since company founder Ferruccio Lamborghini purchased the real estate in 1963 for what would eventually become two assembly plants. By "magic" of course, what we really mean is the near-magical combination of passion, dedication, and superior attention-to-detail coming from all 1,800 Lamborghini employees and 300 vehicle assembly technicians.

The Making of an Automotive Icon

It takes between one and three assembly technicians about half an hour to complete each step of the assembly process before a new Lamborghini moves onto the next step of the assembly process. It is this commitment to excellence, starting from the ground up, that distinguishes Lamborghini from other automakers – even amid competition from other esteemed sports car brands like Ferrari and Maserati. Depending on the Lamborghini model, it's not atypical for as little as five or so vehicles to be produced and assembled in an entire working day.

Learn More About the New Lamborghini Model Lineup

Interested in learning more about what goes into making a new Lamborghini like the ones you'll find among our new inventory? Want to learn more about the new Lamborghini model lineup? Here at Lamborghini Dallas, we're happy to assist you however we can! To get in touch with us today, contact us online or give us a call at (888) 400-6950!

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