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Lamborghini LM002: Precursor to the Lamborghini Urus

By now, you've probably heard all about the amazing Lamborghini Urus super-SUV. If not, here's what the Urus has to offer drivers like you from around Dallas. Even if you're well-versed in the Urus and its many positive attributes, you may not know that this Lamborghini super SUV was not actually the first Lamborghini SUV. The Lamborghini LM002 holds that title.

Lamborghini LM002: An Overview

The LM002 was an SUV of epic proportion. Based off the Lamborghini LM 001 - a project SUV that itself was based off the military-grade Cheetah - the Lamborghini LM002 began production in 1986. That's over thirty years ago for anyone counting. While the LM 002 was an SUV, it was also unmistakably, a Lamborghini. Boasting the motor from a Lamborghini Countach with a special hood designed to accommodate it, LM 002-specific Kevlar-coated tires with a sand lip, and a manual transmission, the LM 002 began at roughly $120,000 back in its heyday.

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Interested in learning more about the unique SUV that paved the way for the groundbreaking Lamborghini Urus? Visit https://www.lamborghini.com/en-en/brand/masterpieces/lm002, or contact us today here at Lamborghini Dallas!

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