Lamborghini Four-Wheel Drive and Four-Wheel Steering: Mechanically Superior

Accompanying the impressive power specifications of models like the Lamborghini Aventador and Lamborghini Urus, Lamborghini engineers have developed a four-wheel drive system with four-wheel steering (Aventador) and efficient all-wheel drive system with a specialized Torsen center differential (Urus) for optimal control. Allowing for addition composure when tackling slick roads due to inclement weather, the various Lamborghini drivetrains offer enhanced performance over the less predictable rear-wheel drive configuration.

Lamborghini Four-Wheel Drive

Equipped standard on the Aventador, the Lamborghini four-wheel drive system works in tandem with the driver-selected mode to calibrate itself for optimal performance in a variety of scenarios. This system varies its torque distribution between the front and rear axles based on a variety of external factors observed by advanced sensors to ensure maximal control and composure when taking tight turns or traversing slick roads. Coupled with Pirelli P Zero tires, the Lamborghini four-wheel drive system equipped on the Aventador allows for impeccable control over your model. While the Urus does not utilize the same four-wheel drive system, it's specialized all-wheel drive variation with a self-locking center differential also distributes power from the engine to optimize control both on and off-road while retaining its power and composure.

Lamborghini Four-Wheel Steering

To assist in wrangling the massive quantities of power exerted by Lamborghini models, the four-wheel steering system equipped on models such as the Aventador S Roadster utilizes both Lamborghini Dynamic Steering for the front wheels, and Lamborghini Rear-wheel Steering for the rear wheels for dynamic and predictable performance. Minimizing both oversteer and understeer through virtually increasing the wheelbase by rotating both axles in tandem at high speeds, the Lamborghini four-wheel steering system ensures optimal performance through advanced and exclusive engineering prowess.

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